New Design Standards Made Visual

I have this spiral notebook that is as fat as a old fashioned phone book. It contains the new 2017 South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Proficiency. As much as I am excited by the fact that these standards have been updated, I am ecstatic that they now include design proficiencies among the dance, choral, general and instrumental music, media arts, theatre and visual arts standards. This is major triumph for STEAM, in my opinion.

Today I isolated and digested the design standards in order to make a student friendly visual to post in my computer lab. I first condensed the design standards in a linear fashion and then took the keywords to make a less traditional and non-linear word cloud. I find word art particularly interesting due to it’s contrarian in nature where you are essentially making a picture out of words (concepts and ideas) rather than images.

My intent was to create a visual that was both inviting and encouraging of the concepts that underpin it. I hope that when students see this poster it ignites their passion to delve into a world of exploration, reflection and refining. Design is everywhere and, therefore, a part of our everyday lives. Design is ready and waiting for us to mold and fashion it through our imagination. Go feed it!

Tom NorenComment