First Week Back

How to measure teacher readiness for the first week of the school year? Like parenting, there is no end in what could be done ahead of time. For me the start of school is a leap into the moment...of being present, connecting with my students in order to bridge the divide of who they think they are vs. who/what they are fully capable of. For this reason, the growth mindset is the rock bed of my approach to teaching and learning. I invite students to contemplate that their intelligence and capabilities are stretch-worthy. With time, effort and patience they can improve in any subject or skill they put their minds to. 

When students walk through my classroom door I want them to feel at ease. My computer 'lab' is a place for experimentation of ideas and products grounded in FAIL (First Attempt In Learning). If students can tolerate an outcome that is less than they expected they are, indeed, facing up to endless possibilities. Herein lies the engine for authentic learning and reflection. We all could benefit from such risk-taking. When students are able to remove ego and self from the learning equation they are free to grow.

Our school theme this year is, 'Teaming up with the Arts.' When students enter my classroom they are immediately part of my STEAM Team. I will remind them of this collegiality throughout the year and through all the learning experiences and subsequent challenges that we face along the way. Here's to a great year.

Tom NorenComment