Workshops, Camps and Special Events for kids 6-18


Workshops and Special Events for Adults


PLAYtek partners Tom Noren and Jen Waldron offer in school or after school workshops and classes. We also host summer camps, birthday parties and special events that are guaranteed to entertain, delight and engage your kids creativity and ingenuity.

PLAYtek partners integrate "Creative Computing" principals in all their activities. Visit the Creative Computing site to learn about it, and see for yourself how your kids can learn and play with us!

Activities range from building and inventing with littleBits, coding on Scratch, using MaKey MaKey to make hands on controllers and games, using Ozobots and Sphero.

4 Creative Computing Principals

Karen Brennan | Christan Balch | Michelle Chung Harvard Graduate School of Education

Creating - Offer opportunities for learners to engage in designing and making, not just listening, observing, and using.

Personalizing - Offer opportunities for learners to engage in activities that are personally meaningful and relevant.

Sharing - Offer opportunities for learners to engage in interactions with others as audience, coaches, and co- creators.


PLAYtek offers workshops and special events for adults. PLAYtek partners have presented workshops for the South Carolina Montessori Alliance, the  South Carolina Arts Alliance and have also lead workshops for Road Scholar events.

Tom and Jen have also provide teacher training and support integrating technology and STEAM based activities in the classroom.

Event and workshop themes can include team building, curriculum development, or an open ended STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) exploration. They are interactive, dynamic and entertaining.

PLAYtek events are unique and enriching experiences!